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As General Bear, you have begun your seasonal war upon the camper snack supply. These 2 legged intruders bring various tasty treats that you just can't help... helping yourself to.

Unfortunately for you, you are a giant bear and campers tend to take notice of that. Instead, command volunteer wildlife to stealthily recover the snacks and bring them back to the cave to share in the feast. Be careful to avoid the watchful human or your volunteers will lose their nerve and desert the field of battle.


Unit Descriptions

Squirrel - Quick and nimble, the squirrel excels at tight maneuvering and escaping. The only thing that slows the squirrel down is the burden of a captured snack.

Raccoon - The raccoon takes a more cautious approach as they are bit... rounder. Don't discount their ability as this fuzzy thief gets a major boost once their paws have grasped a snack. Beware; the raccoon will freeze in their tracks if spotted so avoid the camper's sight.

Black flies - Are the human campers pestering your troops? Send in a cloud of these tiny buggers to pester them back, sending them back to the relative safety of their smoky fire. Be careful; these seasoned campers carry bug spray and are not shy about it.


Try using the squirrel to draw a camper away from a guarded snack so the raccoon can swoop in or get out.

Having trouble maneuvering your units? Instead of giving one order at a time, try rapidly right clicking to give move orders and guide your unit. This gives you finer control.

You can use the 1, 2, 3 keys and beyond to select units in addition to clicking their portrait or the unit themselves.

Catch a camper far out from a campfire to maximize the black fly's attack effectiveness or save a unit in need of rescue.

If you are having trouble finding the cave look for the selection ring arrow that shows up when you pick up a snack. This arrow always points toward the cave and will guide you to home.


Brian(BRNielsen): Game prototype, Vision cone, Camper functionality, UI, Black fly particle effect

Bill (Serno): Game play code (Unit functionality, Camera functionality, Unit AI, Camper AI, Day/Night cycle, Food collection, all around bug squashing) Level 2 design

Aaron (satellitecore): Lead design, Project Manager, Level 1 and 3 design, Sound effects, Music,  Ambient level track, Title Screen, Portraits, Writing, Tutorials, "marketing"

Nate: 3D Models(Raccoon, Apple, Chips, Picnic Table and Chairs, Lamp), Prototype Black flies particle effect

Arjuna (SuperArjunaButt) Gonzales: 3D Models(Grill, Food stash, importing and scaling of found assets), grass texture import, advisor

Special Thanks


Arjuna - For trusting a new person to help with the game jam that brought the team together. 
Jolene - For taking care of everything so I could work.
Aaron/Bill - Never envisioned that a team of people that just met would work together so well.  Thank you for a great experience.  I can't wait to work together again!
Nate - For the best trash panda. 
HomeTeam GameDev - The skills that my mentors passed down to me from HomeTeam have allowed me to work well with a team.


Whitney - For allowing me the space to do this and for not doubting me while I do the thing I think I'm meant to do (and lovingly bringing me tasty food when I forget to eat).
Brian/Bill - You guys have been great to work with. Each of you have over-delivered and surprised me consistently in your decision making, abilities, and dedication. I'm glad I found you guys and I'm looking forward to working together again.
Adam (https://www.chickadeegames.com/- For being incredibly giving with your time, knowledge, and kindness. I don't know that this game would even exist without your early inspirational words and actions.

Free Assets




Code Monkey



Install instructions

Unzip game to a folder of your choosing.  Run by double-clicking the .exe.  


Crunchy Tactics 1.01 - New! - 8/16/20 50 MB
Ye Old Game Jam Build from May 2020 26 MB

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